Dealers to Stock R-452A for SLXi-DRC ASAP

All dealers, especially dealerships installing SLXi-DRC units or with locations near rail yards, should start stocking R-452A as soon as possible. With over 1,000 SLXi-DRC units in the field, there will be instances that require the use of R-452A refrigerant for the SLXi-DRC.

2018 SVC Quote Tool Update

Be sure to check out the new TriPac GMP rates which have been reduced on average 25%.

TriPac Envidia Fleet Demo Program

This program will assist you in placing TriPac Envidia units into customer fleets, enabling us to demonstrate the benefits of the TriPac Envidia system in the customer’s application.

Free Posters for Your Dealership!

Does your lobby or driver's lounge need a refresh? We are proud to share 4 brand new posters now available for you to order via ReqDirect for FREE! Take advantage of this offer today to showcase the latest and greatest from Thermo King. Envidia Introduction Poster (TK#56623) Envidia Driver Comfort Poster (TK# 56624) Precedent Connected Solutions Poster (TK# 56525) Thermo King Commitment to Excellence Poster (TK# 56626)

Dealer Portal User Guide

Updates to the dealer portal have been implemented in September and October. The user guide has been updated to reflect these changes.


Browsers and Systems Supported by TKU after December 16, 2018

Some Windows 7 will be supported to see if yours will work after Dec 16th you should test their browser/computer today to see if it supports TLS 1.2

Click the link below to if your windows 7 will be supported:


PRB9078 Connected Solutions - TK Notify 0.1.2 - The Connected Solutions team is pleased to announce a new version of TK Notify mobile app. TK Notify 0.1.2 is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Refrigerated Cargo Rail Solutions – A complete range of temperature control solutions for cargo rail applications.

SB726 TriPac Evolution Version 1.9 Software Update - Updated software has been implemented in TriPac Evolution production as a product enhancement. This software update will be referred to as Version 1.9.

SB729 New Compressor Discharge Tube & Liquid Injection Sensor Mounting Location - The current roadside compressor discharge tube has been redesigned to better accommodate the liquid injection temperature sensor for MAX units.

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