Rain or Shine, Solar Panels offer Bright Solution for CT Transit

With schedules to keep and countless people depending on public transit daily, reliability is paramount when it comes to city transit buses. One common battle that transit maintenance teams fight involves fast-draining batteries, but CT Transit in Hartford, Connecticut, has found a bright solution from Thermo King.

Thermo King SVC Claims Policy Changes Effective November 1st, 2018

In 2018, a key initiative the DAC Growth Committee focused on was to find ways to standardize the SVC job codes to help ensure customers have a consistent customer experience. The team focused on three key areas. We will be implementing a policy change based on their work. The policy changes will be effective November 1, 2018 for all claims submitted on or after this date regardless of the service date. In this communication, we will highlight the policy changes and key milestone dates.

Dealers to Stock R-452A for SLXi-DRC ASAP

All dealers, especially dealerships installing SLXi-DRC units or with locations near rail yards, should start stocking R-452A as soon as possible. With over 1,000 SLXi-DRC units in the field, there will be instances that require the use of R-452A refrigerant for the SLXi-DRC.

TriPac Envidia Fleet Demo Program

This program will assist you in placing TriPac Envidia units into customer fleets, enabling us to demonstrate the benefits of the TriPac Envidia system in the customer’s application.

Free Posters for Your Dealership!

Does your lobby or driver's lounge need a refresh? We are proud to share 4 brand new posters now available for you to order via ReqDirect for FREE! Take advantage of this offer today to showcase the latest and greatest from Thermo King. Envidia Introduction Poster (TK#56623) Envidia Driver Comfort Poster (TK# 56624) Precedent Connected Solutions Poster (TK# 56525) Thermo King Commitment to Excellence Poster (TK# 56626)

Dealer Portal User Guide

Updates to the dealer portal have been implemented in September and October. The user guide has been updated to reflect these changes.


Connected Solutions Ordering FAQDo you have ordering questions for connected solutions? Reference this FAQ document for questions are customer service team gets asked the most.

PB1659 Pulley - Idler 771953 Recall
- Parts with the manufacture date of 1808 have been found with the inboard bearing installed backwards. The label with the manufactured date is located on the outside of the box (see image below). Please remove any affected parts from your shelves, return following the recall process, and order replacements. The affected parts must be returned by February 13, 2019.


PRB9081 Exide Battery Offering Updates -Changes have been made to the Exide product offering through the Thermo King vendor direct program. These changes will be rolled out in two phases and are intended to improve battery on-time delivery, availability, and lead times. Additionally, battery design improvements will enhance technician handling, be more environmentally sustainable, and ensure improved power performance for our customers.

PRB9082 Connected Solutions TK Service Assist Launch - Connected Solutions team is pleased to announce the launch of TK Service Assist. TK Service Assist resides on TracKing platform and will allow dealers to see all units under their care in one view and view alarms for all of the units.

SB572-40 IntelligAIRE III Main Module Firmware Optimization Update
- Effective 11/8/18 updated Thermo King IntelligAIRE III ECM main module software revision mm_04.01.03.mhx will be available on TSA info Central and through the “Help” icon in the CanDIAG program. This updated IntelligAire III firmware is not required for previously delivered Thermo King bus A/C systems. However, moving forward this updated firmware revision should be used when flashloading a new or existing IntelligAIRE III main modules on units equipped with a 423101 (3E42394G01) motorized coolant valve harness.

SB734 TriPac Evolution Service Tool R3 -TriPac Evolution Service Tool R3 has been released. This upgrade to the Evolution Service Tool is recommended if the Continuous Run option of Version 1.9 software is enabled.

SB735 TriPac Evolution Continuous Run Option - TriPac Evolution software Version 1.9 allows a new Continuous Run Mode to be enabled. This bulletin discusses how to activate that feature. Refer to Service Bulletin SB726 for information about other features included in Version 1.9 software and details on upgrading to Version 1.9 software.

SB732-1 Software Service Tools and Applications List - Recently there has been an influx of field requests to provide a comprehensive list of Thermo King Software Service Tools and Applications.

SB629-8 New REV6 Head Gasket Release TK 486 Engines for SB - There is a new REV6 head gasket kit (P/N 300349) for TK 486 SB engines which replace the previous REV3 and REV5 head gasket kits (P/N 300327 and 300339). Units with TK 488 / 486 Tier 2/IT4 engines that have unexplained coolant loss or have black contaminants in the cooling system reservoir tank should be checked for a possible head gasket leak.

SB697-2 New Precedent Head Gasket Kit Release and Test Procedures for TK TK486V25 / TK488CR Engines -There are two new head gasket kits for Precedent units with TK 486/488 Tier 4 engines.

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