Solar Training Flyer

We’re excited to launch the first set of online, interactive training modules for Power Solutions in TKU. These modules are designed to provide in-depth information on the Power Solutions portfolio

Free Posters for Your Dealership!

Does your lobby or driver's lounge need a refresh? We are proud to share 4 brand new posters now available for you to order via ReqDirect for FREE! Take advantage of this offer today to showcase the latest and greatest from Thermo King. Envidia Introduction Poster (TK#56623) Envidia Driver Comfort Poster (TK# 56624) Precedent Connected Solutions Poster (TK# 56525) Thermo King Commitment to Excellence Poster (TK# 56626)

NEW Digital Ads!

We recently launched several digital ads for the TriPac Envidia and Connected Precedent.

Dealer Portal User Guide

Updates to the dealer portal have been implemented in September and October. The user guide has been updated to reflect these changes.


The First 2019 Customer Classes are Published
- We have released the first classes of 2019 because the 2018 Fleet Single-Temp and Fleet Multi-Temp are filled for the year.

PB1648 415863TKA 5A Fuse Recall
- 5A fuse 415863TKA packaged prior to August 2018 (the label on the package prior to 08-2018) may have been supplied with the wrong voltage rating of 125V instead 250V. Please remove all stock from the shelves and return to the warehouse.

TriPac Envidia OEM Options List – Kenworth, Mack, Volvo, Freightliner and Peterbilt options are listed in this document.

TriPac Envidia FAQ Reference Guide – This FAQ document is a great resource for those new to selling the TriPac Envidia or those needing a refresh on all there is to know on how to sell the TriPac Envidia.

SB710-2 Alarm Code 699 and 627 Diagnostic Procedures
- Alarm Codes 699 and 627 typically set intermittently and can be difficult to properly diagnose. Use the information in this bulletin to properly inspect, diagnose, and repair a unit with Alarm Code 699 or 627.

SB651-1 Connected Solutions Support - As part of our efforts to continuously grow our Connected Solutions business, Thermo King launched an enhanced Telematics Customer Support Service in 2016. With the acquisition of Celtrak, Thermo King has now centralized telematics technical expertise with customer support functions to optimize response times to our customers while delivering a quality solution.

SB724 Multiple Scroll Compressor Failures on SP Truck Units - Scroll compressor failures on SP truck units are not being diagnosed for root cause, leading to multiple compressor replacements. When a unit is being serviced for a scroll compressor failure, always download the ServiceWatch data logger using the WinTrac Service Tool and review for possible root cause to compressor failure along with basic refrigeration diagnostics.


Literature Published This WeekClick here to see recently published technical manuals